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NSA have the in house ability to deliver projects from inception to completion. We have the ability to design, build and administer contracts on a Traditional basis thus being responsible for operations on site, offering the client best value for money and best quality possible.

NSA happily take on pre and post tender operations. Here we offer regular site inspections, chair site meetings and conduct quality assessment procedures during the entire build of the project right through to the end of defects.

Our traditional JCT experience ranges across all sectors both Public and Private from Minor works through to full JCT with quantities


Here at NS Architects we believe BIM processes will improve collaboration, coordination and quality in the design, procurement and management of buildings and infrastructure. Through the use of BIM, we are targeting a more inclusive, integrated and complete design process and more intelligent use of digital information to add value, reduce risk and improve product and service quality for our clients.
Within the practise we have almost 20 years of valuable BIM expertise, we have established BIM protocols including standards based on the AEC (UK) BIM Standards for Revit and a portfolio of completed projects and case studies from concept design stage to full construction documentation.
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Here at NSA we believe that every project, small or large will benefit from design careful consideration. We will endeavour to apply our creative thinking to all aspects of the project to enrich any given brief